Every Purchase Helps to Free Victims of Human Trafficking
December 16, 2020

Every Purchase Helps to Free Victims of Human Trafficking

Something we talk about a lot is getting to the root of your “why”. Without a substantial, sustaining, heart-pumping “why,” you will lack the motivation to follow through on the intentions you set, no matter how big or small.

Well, here at Evergreen Planner, the team has been tapping into one of our core missions. And we're finally ready to reveal a big part of our "why" for being in business.

10% of Evergreen Planner's net income is set aside to fight the evils of human trafficking. Since December of 2020, we have been sending these funds to Hope for Justice

We're so thankful for the strategies that Hope for Justice is implementing to make real change and deliver the oppressed from horrific forms of exploitation around the world. 

Their on-the-ground tactics are incredibly practical:

  • they work to prevent exploitation through self-help groups and community education
  • they rescue victims through building trust with them and then safely removing them from exploitation
  • they help get victims back on their feet with housing, financial, legal, and mental help support
  • they work to reform our society by training "frontline professionals" (such as first responders, health care workers, and charity staffs)
  • they work to change policies in order to protect and bring justice for victims

Financial support is crucial to their mission, and each of the dollars sent to them are put to work for maximum effectiveness. Here are some examples of the ways your money is being used to help change lives.

  • $25 could provide meals for a week for a child in one of their safe houses
  • $50 could provide emergency shelter and care for a vulnerable child for an entire month
  • $5,000 could fund an entire investigative and rescue operation to deliver a child or adult from modern day slavery

10% of the net of every single purchase you make to Evergreen Planner will go straight to helping real women, children, and men who are trapped in a life of exploitation and oppression. What do we mean by net? When you make a purchase from Evergreen, the first thing we do is set aside the “cost of goods” for that particular product so that we have the means to replenish our inventory. Immediately after that, 10% is set aside to be donated—before overhead bills are paid, and before we draw our own paychecks. We're talking about a substantial cashflow that will be going to help our most vulnerable neighbors around the globe.

Your Part

You know that the world is in desperate need of help. You think about it, pray about it, and wonder what more you can do. 

Meanwhile, you have been called to a specific sphere of influence. By being faithful in your own home, business, and community, you're building into structures of stability and health. Every relationship you tend, every project you tackle, every solution you design, and every plan you brainstorm is a deeply valuable demonstration of personal responsibility and agency. You cannot underestimate the contribution that your daily acts of faithfulness are to the Kingdom that God is building.

​You can also donate directly to Hope for Justice by clicking here. HFJ is founded on the principles of the Christian faith and seeks to demonstrate the love of God in their efforts.

When you sit down with your Evergreen Planner and a cozy cup of coffee to cultivate abundance where you are, say a prayer for your oppressed neighbors around the world. Christ is zealous for justice and peace on earth. 

Hope for Justice is committed to rescuing and restoring every victim of modern day slavery and we're building an organisation to make that possible. — HFJ FAQ page​

This is the mission that we're getting behind together. Thank you for partnering with us, with your purchases, to pursue justice for the exploited.