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Amberly S.
Love it!

I even had my highschooler use it in her homeschool curriculum. Great resource.

Abby L.
Approachable yet elevated, actionable goals curriculum

The Rooted Goals Workbook takes the reader through concrete, written processes to discern and develop real and appropriate goals for your reality. This is an authentically Christian approach to goal setting, abiding in the truth that we are in the world but not of the world- we have time, talent, and treasure given to us by God that we are responsible for! To utilize not for ourselves but for the greater glory of God. This book is so encouraging in that respect; I speak as a SAHM who sometimes really struggles to remember and live this in the day-to-day. But using the Evergreen Planner everyday is helping me. St. Theresa of Avila said that “God goes with you amidst the pots and pans,” encouraging that it isn’t just lofty goals and epic tasks that bring us closer to Him- it’s the daily habits that shape our lives and spiritual dispositions. Having listened to the Make Space to Thrive podcast episodes, and read through the Rooted Goals Workbook, I am encouraged, and have solid direction, and specific tasks to help me live in a ROOTED way.

Paola B.
A gentle pause for the brain that helps move your plans forward!

Breathing room is what comes to mind when I think about the Rooted Goals Workbook. It is a gentle and thorough process to walk you through the myriad of plans and to-dos usually running around in one's head looking for order and timing! I especially appreciate the way this tool helps you root what you need, want, and hope to do in who you are. Taking into account your season and what is important for you. Herein lies the gentle and helpful wisdom of this small wisdom-packed workbook. This gentle wisdom is present in all the tools this lovely brand makes.

A goal-setting system I actually want to use!

The goal-setting pages are the parts I would normally avoid in my other planners. Why make a bunch of unattainable New Year’s resolutions anyway? I felt like I would just be confronted with my failures all the time.
The Rooted Goals workbook and the ROOTED approach to goal setting is changing that for me. I’m using the digital copy of the workbook and although I haven’t finished it yet I have listened to all the podcast episodes and am so excited to use this tool! The encouragement to pursue God’s calling and purpose for my life (keeping in mind where He has placed me already) is so freeing and inspiring. Focusing on “next right step” goals instead of “wishful thinking” or super lofty goals has encouraged me that goal-setting CAN be useful and practical.
Thank you, Team Evergreen, this is just what I needed!

Bettsey H.
A Refreshing and Intentional Goal System

The word "Goal" reminded me of how many times I have not followed through with mine. But looking back, my goals were not truly anchored to a strong foundation and the way I was trying to accomplish those goals was not realistic. I highly recommend listening to the "Make Space to Thrive" podcast episode 17. I could not stop nodding my head as they explained the ROOTED goals system. My prayer has been to steward my time well. This goal system is a key component to doing that. I cannot recommend enough to take a moment to listen or read about this goal system. It is like no other I have ever experienced and I absolutely love it is God centered.