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This digital workbook will help you create a symbiotic relationship between your daily life and your goals by grounding them in your God-given purpose, organizing them around the realities of your current season, and making them irresistibly actionable.


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Goal setting needs an upgrade—especially for modern home-loving women with big dreams.

This is not a typical goal setting workbook.

We’re not going to ask you to close your eyes, imagine wild possibilities for the next 5-10 years, and then tell you to hustle to change every single aspect of your life.

That’s not our style. Unrealistic, untethered, shame-motivated goals are a cultural epidemic.

We’re done with goal setting systems that pump you up, introduce massive tension between your goal and your daily responsibilities, and then leave you feeling like a failure.

Time is too precious for that!

Using this system…

  • You will start by prayerfully centering on your eternal purpose as an Image Bearer.
  • You will take a long look at your current responsibilities and problems, and then accept your starting-point as Providential.
  • You will get laser-focused on obtaining radical clarity about your most essential next right step, and will outline your goal so that is becomes fully actionable.
  • You will design creative solutions for interweaving your goal into the rhythms of your week.
  • You will learn how to train your memory so that your subconscious starts working in the background to scope out opportunities for progress.
  • And you will learn to lean into the growth-mindset you need to sustain your commitment to your goal from a place of hope.

This 44 page workbook follows the ROOTED Goal Setting System and makes it actionable.

  • Rooted in Your Core Calling: Other goal setting systems start by asking what you want for your life. This system starts by asking how you’re uniquely called as a disciple of Jesus to show up in the spaces of the world where He has placed you.
  • Organically Growing Out of Your Context: Other goal setting systems tell you to close your eyes and imagine where you want to be in 5-10 years—to dream big!—then to reverse-engineer and hustle and grind to make that dream come true. This system grounds you in reality by helping you figure out the logical next-right-step goal for your real life.
  • Outlined for Clarity: Other goal setting systems do encourage you to outline your goal for clarity—and there’s a reason for this. Our brains crave step-by-step clarity. This phase is all about being specific about your goal and breaking it down into actionable steps.
  • Tailored for Your Lifestyle: Other goal setting systems might show you how to reverse-engineer your goal, but then they end there and wish you good luck. This system shows you how to look at your goal in the context of your daily life, and then make strategic shifts in your schedule in order to make space for this goal.
  • Etched into Your Memory: This phase gives you the secret sauce for making progress on your important goals—even when things change. When you train your brain to care about your goal, your subconscious joins the team and starts looking for every reasonable opportunity for you to make progress.
  • Developed by Providence: The Kingdom of God does not rise and fall by the successes and failures of our goals. Having a Christian growth-mindset allows us to set our goals with an “amen” posture towards God’s unknown plans for the future, knowing that when we give our goals back to God, we can trust Him to develop them in the best of ways.

This system will not tell you specifically what goals are right for your life. Instead, it will show you how to set sustainable goals that make sense in your real life. After working through these exercises, you’ll gain the clarity and insights you need to make sense of goal setting in the particular season you’re in.

If you’re craving a goal setting system that creates a symbiotic relationship between your daily life and your goals, creates space for personal growth, and helps you channel your productivity in a way that cultivates peace—then this is the workbook for you. 

There is no other goal setting system like it in the world.

44 pages.


What people are saying:


“It has completely changed my life. Not only do I have more clarity on my goals, but I also have been able to have permission to think through creatively how to have flexibility and be able to pivot with grace as God redirects my plans. As a woman in ministry, a wife, mom, friend, church member, entrepreneur—all these things—this system has just been a complete game-changer. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever come across.”

“I just want to say thank you! You’ve helped me so much. I am the visionary, like, ‘Oh yeah! I could write a book! I could do this! Etc.’—And everything would be so overwhelming that I just wouldn’t do it, or I would be really scattered with everything. This process really helped me organize everything and make it actually doable.”

“A good starting place… Organizing your big goals, sorting them down, and then transferring them to the Evergreen Planner—I can see how much real sense it makes!”

“You make productivity and planning calm and meaningful and I really appreciate it.”

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1 review for ROOTED Goals Workbook

  1. Rachel Tenney

    I’m such a fan of this tool! It helped me craft goals that I actually followed through on, and that felt grounded to my reality as I did them. And I accomplished all of them, not just one or two! I loved that these goals felt actionable in my real (not ideal) life. This is the best goal setting tool I have ever found and I know it will make a difference for others, too.

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