Taming Your To-Do List Guide


This digital guide will lead you through the steps of transforming a massive braindumped todo list into an organized and prioritized plan of action. You’ll go from feeling overwhelmed by everything buzzing inside of your head to feeling eager to take immediate action on the things that matter most to you. This download includes free planner pages, or it can be used as a guide to the Evergreen Planner system.


Todo lists can be crazy-overwhelming. This is because they are not a strong time-management strategy.

Your todo list might actually be hindering you from staying on track with what matters most in your life. Todo lists tend to fragment your focus, blur your priorities, and bury your most urgent and important tasks in a sea of non-essentials.

Alone, they can’t help you craft the intentional life you’re craving.

But this doesn’t mean your intuition to write a massive todo list is a bad one.

In fact, your impulse to do so is your brain begging you to declutter it of all the details you’re trying to juggle solo.

Your intuition to write a massive todo list is good. 

Getting everything out of your head onto paper in messy, non-organized, braindumping fasion is actually the first step to becoming more productive and efficient.

This guide will teach you the rest of the steps you need to sort your massive todo list into an effective plan of action—using the Evergreen Planner.

This PDF even includes a bonus printable version of the Evergreen Planner so that anyone can follow along and finally get organized.

With this guide, you will…

  • Prep your planner (or free planner pages) for maximum effectiveness
  • Declutter your brain with a massive braindump
  • Sort, purge and prioritize your todo list
  • Timeblock your tasks into the context of your existing schedule
  • Learn how to select top-targets so you can make progress every day without burning out
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