Taming Your To-Do List Guide


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Your todo list is probably fragmenting your focus, blurring your priorities, and hindering you from staying on track with what matters most in your life.  This makes it harder to lean into the intentional life you're craving.

It's time to stop burying important tasks in a sea of non-essentials. 🙅‍♀️

This guide will show you a better way to track your tasks:

  • Prep your planner (or free planner pages) for maximum effectiveness
  • Declutter your brain with a massive braindump
  • Sort, purge and prioritize your todo list
  • Timeblock your tasks into the context of your existing schedule
  • Learn how to select top-targets so you can make progress every day without burning out

It even includes six printable Evergreen Planner layouts so that anyone can follow along and experience the amazing calm and creative bandwidth that accompanies a wonderfully decluttered mind.

It's time to get cozy and transform your todo list from massive anxiety-generator to an organized plan of action.

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