Philip has commented on how different I've been since I've been using this planner, just how free I've been to dump my brain out, but not feel shame when I don't get every single thing done... I love it. Philip loves it for me. It's worth the money, for sure.

“Things I have tried so hard to do, and have had the best intentions about—I am finally doing them! I’m almost in happy tears because of the progress I’ve made. My life has been changed by ROOTED Goals.”

I've kept a planner religiously for 10 years. I did bullet journaling for two years solid but then kids came and I just couldn't do all the layouts anymore. I am LOVING the Evergreen because it meets you where you are. You can utilize it as much or as little as needed day by day.

I just love my planner! Thank you for the beautiful and capable planner you have created! I am a homeschooling mom of seven and this planner has been a delight to use and truly serves as an effective tool in aiding order and peace in my life.

As a busy mom who keeps all the receipts and budgets, plans meals, and does school planning, I had been looking for a planner that I could fully customize. This is perfect and so pretty I don’t mind having it out on my counter!

[The Make Space to Thrive podcast] is such a breath of fresh air in a stressed out, productivity obsessed world! And it's just like talking to three good friends.

ROOTED Goals has completely changed my life. I have more clarity on my goals and permission to think creatively through how to pivot with grace as God redirects my plans. As a woman in ministry, a wife, mom, church member, entrepreneur—all these things—this system has just been a complete game-changer. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever come across.”

Jasmine L. Holmes author, speaker, history teacher, & mama of 3
Bailey Lemke business owner, calligraphy artist, & homemaker
Hannah Diane homesteader, business owner, & homeschool mama of 3
Rosaleen M. homeschooling mama of 7
Heidi S.
clair n iTunes review
Rachel Tenney podcaster, business owner & mama of 2

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Summer Seconds Sale - Save up to 50%

Summer Seconds Sale - Save up to 50%

We aim to produce the best quality planners possible and sometimes a few products just don’t pass the test.

Instead of tossing them, since they're still TOTALLY usable, we want to offer them at a discount for those who love a good bargain.

Our lemons are your lemonade!
🍋 🌻 🍋

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How to Make Your Goals Work with Your Lifestyle

How to Make Your Goals Work with Your Lifestyle

Story time.

When I was seven months pregnant with my first, I decided I wanted to be a work-at-home mom. My husband and I had been discussing all of our options, and I had been dabbling in the family business for a few months. While I'd always imagined that I wouldn't take on any serious income-earning projects until my kids were totally self-sufficient (like in high school, or something), certain life events combining with my studies of Scripture had me looking at things from another angle. My husband and I started charting out financial goals for our family. I looked over them with excitement because I was starting to believe that I would be able to help us reach our goals through grit, determination, and good old fashioned hard work.

At the time, designing my own planner was nowhere on my radar. I had a complex system of todo lists and digital calendars that honestly makes my head spin to think back on. But what was worse than my lack of a cohesive system of organization, was my total lack of understanding about the concept of trade-offs.

That's why, at seven months pregnant...

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
I’ll be using this planner for years!

I’ve been using the Evergreen Planning System for four months and I love it. It is helping me organize my life. Since going through some health challenges, then becoming a mother, my life has not been as organized as it used to be. :) This system is helping me get my life back in order while being flexible enough to accommodate daily challenges. My favorite part is the dutch door in the Classic Day Planner where I can see the weekly plan as I plan each day. It helps me so much! I love the dot journal pages and the prompts in the daily planner; especially hydration, movement, targets and gratitude. But you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. The flexibility of this system is marvelous!! 

I like that the annual planner does not have dates, so I can start it anytime. The dot journal pages are wonderful! It is a great combination of a structured planer and a bullet journal.

All this fits in the gorgeous leather cover. It is so soft and supple and fits the Classic Planner, the Annual Planer and more! There is so much space! I have an additional small notebook in mine. I use this for taking notes at meetings, zooms and phone calls. The small loops in back are great for adding a pencil, pen and wash tape. A nice little add on purchase is the accessory pack that includes pretty paperclips and a binder clip to help me find the pages I’m using at the moment.

I am so excited I discovered the Evergreen Planning System and I look forward to using for many years to come.

This planner has changed my life!

I’ve been using the evergreen planning system for almost a year now, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it has completely transformed my life! Not only is my everyday life now more organized and less chaotic, but I am finally making progress on goals that I’ve had on my list for YEARS. It’s the best feeling! I am unbelievably grateful for Evergreen, and I can’t recommend it enough. Try it now!!! You’ll be so glad you did.

Best planner in the world

I am not exaggerating, this planner is absolutely the best in the world. It has two full pages per day in the classic, which I love (and need). The annual is perfect for keeping track of long term goals and progress towards those. The cover perfectly keeps everything contained and easy to access. No more piles of notebooks, index cards, and post it notes. I take it everywhere. This planner has made a huge difference in my life and it will in yours as well! I promise you won’t regret buying it!

Kate Leeper

I love having this gorgeous planner! It allows me to keep all of my important information in one spot! I love it.

My sanity!

This planner system has given me clarity and sanity back into my days & weeks! It’s so useful to see the big picture of your week, month, quarter and year, but also can get into the details of planning out the rhythms which make up your days. This planner is such a blessing to my home & life!