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Philip has commented on how different I've been since I've been using this planner, just how free I've been to dump my brain out, but not feel shame when I don't get every single thing done... I love it. Philip loves it for me. It's worth the money, for sure.

“Things I have tried so hard to do, and have had the best intentions about—I am finally doing them! I’m almost in happy tears because of the progress I’ve made. My life has been changed by ROOTED Goals.”

Paper planners have never worked well for me. However, I decided to try this after listening to a few of the podcasts and experimenting with the team's recommended time blocking activities. It has been a game changer for me. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who needs to declutter their brain and stay functional during a busy season of life.

I've kept a planner religiously for 10 years. I did bullet journaling for two years solid but then kids came and I just couldn't do all the layouts anymore. I am LOVING the Evergreen because it meets you where you are. You can utilize it as much or as little as needed day by day.

This planner Cover is fantastic—super flexible and adaptable to what I need to carry along with my annual and monthly booklets (pens, bills, love notes from my boys, even extra notebooks if needed). And let’s face it, it is just gorgeous.

I just love my planner! Thank you for the beautiful and capable planner you have created! I am a homeschooling mom of seven and this planner has been a delight to use and truly serves as an effective tool in aiding order and peace in my life.

The feature that's made the biggest difference for me is the dutchdoor. It was the trait that made me want to try the Evergreen Planner and which has kept me using it. To see the week at a glance alongside the day's schedule is a game changer. Worth the investment if you're looking for breathing room to organize your days in space with just enough structure and ample flexibility.

As a busy mom who keeps all the receipts and budgets, plans meals, and does school planning, I had been looking for a planner that I could fully customize. This is perfect and so pretty I don’t mind having it out on my counter!

I needed more structure for my planning than my bullet journal was able to provide....I adopted the digital version of the Evergreen Planner. It was free, and amazing and I loved being able to copy the daily spread every morning and erase what I didn't need and keep going with what I did. I used that for about a year. Then I decided I needed to go back to paper to limit distractions....This planner is great at combining practical structure with customizable simplicity. It's so adaptable! And the ladies behind it are always so encouraging and creative. I love reading their emails. They are full of fresh ideas and advice!

[The Make Space to Thrive podcast] is such a breath of fresh air in a stressed out, productivity obsessed world! And it's just like talking to three good friends.

ROOTED Goals has completely changed my life. I have more clarity on my goals and permission to think creatively through how to pivot with grace as God redirects my plans. As a woman in ministry, a wife, mom, church member, entrepreneur—all these things—this system has just been a complete game-changer. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever come across.”

Jasmine L. Holmes author, speaker, history teacher, & mama of 3
Bailey Lemke business owner, calligraphy artist, & homemaker
Julia Rushing work-from-home mama and active volunteer
Hannah Diane homesteader, business owner, & homeschool mama of 3
Audri baker, cellist, & homeschooling mama of 3
Rosaleen M. homeschooling mama of 7
Paola Barrera writer & communicator
Heidi S.
Anna small business advocate & website builder
clair n iTunes review
Rachel Tenney podcaster, business owner & mama of 2
Designed for real life.

Designed for real life.

Keep your goals top-of-mind, plan your days in context, and never get lost in your planner again. Discover why hundreds are switching to our revolutionary dutchdoor layout.

To the home-loving woman with a heart full of dreams...

To the home-loving woman with a heart full of dreams...

Whatever roles you're juggling, you have a lot of details to keep up with.

Refined in the fires of real life, the Evergreen Planner brings the details of modern lifestyles together like no other time-management system.

With this planner, you can manage your home, business, and self-care all in one beautiful, well-ordered place.

Imagine how much inner bandwidth you could free up if you were no longer doing the mental juggling act—bandwidth that could pour right into the things that matter most.

Our revolutionary dutchdoor feature keeps your goals in context and trains your brain to prioritize effectively.

Welcome to the day planner that can actually change your life.

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Every Purchase Helps to Free Victims of Human Trafficking

Every Purchase Helps to Free Victims of Human Trafficking

 10% of Evergreen Planner's net income is set aside to fight the evils of human trafficking. We're so thankful for the strategies that Hope for Justice is implementing to make real change and deliver the oppressed from horrific forms of exploitation around the world.

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"I can't even believe how beautiful and intuitive it is."

"I really appreciate how in-depth you can go with each day and week, but not be overwhelmed."

"I use it more every day."

"It's hard for me to believe that I've managed to keep these habits so long."

"Works just as well for professional and for 'mom' life."

"I did bullet journaling for 2 year and just couldn't do all the layouts anymore. I am LOVING the Evergreen because it meets you where you are."

"It's definitely designed where you can sit down, take a deep breath and unwind."