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Super helpful podcast!

I've loved listening in and learning more about using my Evergreen Planner from the people who made it! As a new nursing mama, they have helped me figure out how to thrive.

Kicking Shame and Embracing Freedom

I love that this podcast isn't ONLY brimming with amazing productivity tips (although it totally is!) but also that ir really approaches the topic of productivity from a place of freedom and joy. No shame-based motivation here!

The productivity culture is ful of shame-driven ideas and motivation, and it's like a breath of fresh air to hear these amazing women talk about it from a place of grace.


I've so enjoyed the tips they have shared about planning out your days. Simple and attainable. Can't wait to hear more!

Love this podcast!

This is such a breath of fresh air in a stressed out, productivity obsessed world! And it's just like talking to three good friends. Thank you!

Plan to love this podcast (get it?)

As a full-time working mom with a 1.5 year old, I have spent the last year trying to figure out a new normal. At first I tried to keep everyting in my head like I did pre-motherhood, then tried reminders in my phone. But my mind is too scattered now (mom brain is real) and the phone can lead to so much distraction, and didn't allow me to lay things out in a way that helps me see what I need to do.

Enter the Evergreen Planner, and now the Make Space to Thrive Podcast! These women will teach you how to plan in a way that works for you, so your focus can be on your priorities and you can see clearly how to achieve your goals. Check it out!

Super Helpful!

I've followed Evergreen from the very beginning and they are super helpful. Absolutely lovely souls and I can't wait to hear more episodes!

Loved this!

I absolutely love this podcast! I'm a person who wants to plan, but struggles .The way the hosts explained their planner as an act of self love was very eye opening and comforting. I can't wait for more episodes!

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