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Imagine having a tool to help you take that intentional life you dream of, and make it intuitive in the choices you make and way you act each day. That is why this planner was created; to make intentional living intuitive.

The Month is the muscle of this planning system.

It’s a five-week undated day planner featuring week spreads, habit trackers, timeblocked day pages, and plenty of bullet grid flex space to make the planner completely yours.

Take a second to let that soak in. This planner has a spread for your week and a spread for each day. But don’t worry about your weekly brainstorming getting lost when you flip to your day page. Our revolutionary dutch door layout allows a consistent view of your weekly and daily agendas at the same time (and makes navigating your planner a breeze).

The planning and reflection prompts on the day pages (as well as the layout itself) were developed through years of intensive research on the most effective productivity habits. But like one of the beauties in our community said, “it’s not overly curated.” In other words: it actually doesn’t feel like you were suddenly transported into the head of a guru and asked to do a bunch of homework just to get your day going.

We’re not just saying this: there’s nothing else like it in the world.

the Subscription Box

With our quarterly subscription, you’ll never run out of planner. Every three months, you’ll get a shot of motivation as three Month booklets are delivered right to your door. Subscribers also get access to exclusive quarterly Planner Q&A sessions and will always get either early access or an exclusive discount on new products we launch.

Booklet Details:
  • 5 weekly spreads with habit trackers
  • 35 day pages with timeblockers
  • extra bullet grid flex space pages
  • 92 pages total
  • saddle-stitch binding
  • 70lb white interior paper
  • 80lb white silk cover
  • detachable perforated dutch door edges
  • 8.5″ x 5.5″ when closed

Craft an Incredible Lifestyle

These Month planner booklets can be used powerfully on their own. But when combined with the Annual, a dynamic system is formed. The Cover perfectly binds the booklets into one unit, with room to flex and grow.

Here’s what our community is saying about our system:

  • “Philip has commented on how different I’ve been since I’ve been using this planner, just how free I’ve been to dump my brain out, but not feel shame when I don’t get every single thing done. Today, specifically, I was just feeling really anxious …. and instead of just going down into that spiral, I was like, ‘Okay, let me look at this planner, let me make a plan. Let me plan margin so that I’m able to use the time that Wynn’s at school to get things that I need to get done at work, to spend time with [Langston], and to get things done around the house, to get things done for writing, so that, when Wynn comes home from school, he can have all of me.’ And being able to sit down and plan that, and see it all written out, calmed me down so much. So yeah. I love it. Philip loves it for me. It’s worth the money, for sure.” — Jasmine Holmes, @jasminelholmes, author and mom
  • “As a mom/business owner, I have found that I *need* structure to be productive—otherwise I get nothing done. 😅 The way this system is laid out helps me streamline what I need to do and clears my brain to be able to focus on the task at hand. So if you’re feeling like you’re going crazy and need to organize your new normal—@evergreenplanner is the missing piece!” — Delaney Head, @perfectpeacedesigns
  • “I’ve kept a planner religiously for 10 years. I did bullet journaling for 2 years solid but then kids came and I just couldn’t do all the layouts anymore. I am LOVING the Evergreen because it meets you where you are. you can utilize it as much or as little as needed day by day.” — Hannah Diane, business owner and homeschool mom
  • “I have to say, if I hadn’t invested in your planner system when I did this year, my year would have been crazy. But it turned out the total opposite. I reached so many goals I had been trying to reach for years but without having any organization to reach it. I am looking forward to 2021 even more now. Thank you for your beautiful work.” K.C., business owner and mom
  • “I’ve honestly been very overwhelmed by planners before which can be a perfectionism trigger for me, but several subtle features of this one make me feel like I can dive in wherever I am and use it however I need to, to whatever extent my time and ability allow… The thoughtfulness you put into every detail really shows. As a working/homeschooling single mom, I really appreciate the styling and formatting which works just as well for professional and ‘mom’ life.” — E.S.



2 reviews for the Month

  1. Heidi S. (verified owner)

    As a busy mom who keeps all the receipts and budgets, plans meals, and does school planning, I had been looking for a planner that I could fully customize. This is perfect and so pretty I don’t mind having it out on my counter!

  2. Rachel Tenney (verified owner)

    I love the monthly planner so much! I’ve tried many other planners, but this is the only one I’ve actually used consistently, week in and week out. I love the dutch-door layout because it makes it easy to find my place in the planner, and I don’t spend my time and brain energy “using” my planner. It’s truly intuitive. I also love the minimal aesthetic. It is easy to dress up with washi tape and stickers to personalize it to your own style, so that versatility is a cool feature. But honestly, I just love the minimal black and white! It’s perfect for me just the way it is. This planner brings happy vibes and intuitive productivity to my morning routine. Hands down, the best purchase I’ve made in a long, long time.

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