Intentional Pivoting: the Superpower of the Growth Mindset
February 17, 2021

Intentional Pivoting: the Superpower of the Growth Mindset

Last week, we talked about how to set solid quarterly goals, and then use them to get back on track.

But, if you're like most people, the one question that tends to trip you up in your intentional living aspirations is this:

What if I set epic goals, but then things change?

We can totally relate to this.

In fact, just yesterday, Shelby realized that TWO of the THREE goals she set for the quarter no longer fully made sense to pursue.

It's really easy to look at a situation like that and throw in the towel, claiming that there's no value in long-term planning whatsoever. But that's simply not true. Because Shelby set those three goals at the beginning of the quarter, she was able to make significant progress on both of the goals before they needed to be de-prioritized. Even though she didn't reach the point in either one where her motivating vision was 100% fulfilled, the progress she did make gave her a lot of hope that the vision could truly be realized in the future. The work that she did in skill-building and mentally organizing around those two goals would not be wasted—in the future when she turned her attention back to those goals, she'll have a framework of positive experience in place and ready to build upon.

This kind of a perspective is vital to the development of a healthy growth mindset.

Taking into account the realities of changing circumstances—and then responding by intentionally pivoting on your goals in order to increase fruitfulness—is not the same as just neglecting or giving up on your goals. With the superpower of intentional pivoting, you're able to stay in the driver's seat (where you belong), even if Providence changes the terrain, the layout of the roads, or the direction you're driving altogether.

How to Intentionally Pivot

These prompts will help you pivot intentionally in the wake of any major life transition. Transition periods can be as purposeful and fruitful as non-transition periods, even if in a totally different way. Think through these prompts as you go about your day, and then journal through them in your planner!

  1. Describe the change and its implications for your 3 main goals for this quarter.
  2. Which of my quarterly goals need to be de-prioritized so that I can show up focused, strong, and enthusiastic for this transition?
  3. What was my motivating "why" behind the goals I realize need to be de-prioritized? Can I fulfill the essence of my "why" in other ways? Will I naturally get back to these goals, or should I time-anchor my intentions by tacking a note to myself on a future month in my Annual so I'll remember to consider reprioritizing that goal in an upcoming quarter?
  4. What goal(s) do I need to keep pursuing, even in the midst of this transition? What are the most essential (20%) tasks / attitudes I should focus on until things start to settle down after the transition?
  5. What is my vision for graciously going through this transition? What goal(s) do I need to set in order to facilitate that vision?

A strong and intentional pivot will enable you to approach the rest of the quarter with hope, energy and motivation- even if in an entirely different way than how you imagined you would at the start of January.