Merry Christmas! We'll be back Jan 1st!
December 20, 2023

Merry Christmas! We'll be back Jan 1st!

You know that we are passionate about encouraging and empowering women to craft lifestyles that fuel their most life-giving goals. Culture likes to tell us that we can either have a thriving business or be home-loving women, but not both. We simply don't buy this. We believe we can honor the business responsibilities we've been given, and also serve our families by being fully present, especially this Christmas week.

That's why we're going to shut things down and take time off from business activities so we don't have the pressure of being on our phones, pulling out our laptops, or cramming in work blocks into our holiday plans. Instead, we're going to cozy up with our families, slow down to soak in the goodness of the season, and fully celebrate the joy of the birth of Christ.

What does "off" mean?

  • The shop is still open! You can place orders at any time, but those orders won't be shipped until Monday, January 1st.
  • We won't be checking our inboxes regularly. If you've interacted with us, you know we place a high value on serving our customers well. If there is any issue with a product, we will make it right. If you have a question, we want to give you answers. But, we won't be checking our inboxes and responding until Monday, January 1st.
  • Instagram will be pretty quiet. We want to be off our phones, and focused on our loved ones this week (don't we all?)! We may pop on to share some holiday cheer, but otherwise things will be pretty quiet.

We will be back on January 1st as we kick off our renew | january ecourse experience. We are so excited for each of you who will be joining us! It's going to be incredible.

We wish you and your family the Merriest Christmas!

Clari, Shelby & McCauley