Setting Up Your Classic Booklet
September 06, 2023

Setting Up Your Classic Booklet

You did it. You took the plunge, and you're looking at your brand new Evergreen Planner System. Congratulations, and welcome! We are so glad you're here.

But now the real work of setting up your Planner begins. And maybe you feel overwhelmed (that's normal), or intimidated (that's normal too). Blank pages are most peoples' worst nightmare, and we get it.

With this post, we've taken the guess work out of it for you, with a simple guide to get you started.

Our Planner System is intuitive and adaptable—it can be used in whatever way best fits your needs, and the built-in features will come to feel second-nature the more you use it. In short: it's a power-house hub that will quickly become your brain's best friend! 

The Classic is the muscle of our planning system. It’s a five-week undated day planner featuring week spreads, habit trackers, time-blocked day pages, and plenty of bullet grid flex space to make the planner completely yours.

Our signature dutch door layout allows a consistent view of your weekly and daily agendas at the same time (and makes navigating your planner a breeze). Our research-based prompts represent the world's most effective time management practices distilled down into one simple routine. Keep reading to see how to set up your Classic booklet!

1) Fill in your week grid.

Write in the month and dates for each day. Write in any appointments or meetings on your vertical week calendar. Start experimenting with how you might use your three flexible columns.

2) Remove the seven perforated dutch doors. 

This allows you to see your vertical week calendar, habit tracker, and week goals regardless of which page you're on!

3) Fill in your time blocker.

Write in whatever hours you want to track, and write corresponding to-do's. Then, write in your top three targets for the day. 

4) Use gratitude, seasonal goals, my why, lessons, victories, & self-care prompts each day.

This enables you to track bigger goals and reflect on all you're learning, as well as the progress you're making.

5) Fill in your week goals and any habits you want to track.

Use the blank flex space throughout your week for grocery lists, meal planning, meeting notes, brainstorming sessions—or anything else you want!


You can download the Classic Onboarding pamphlet here for easy reference in the future!

And don't forget, if you want to absolutely ensure that you will be able to personalize and maximize the use of your planner, then you need to join of the Evergreen Collective. 

The Collective is full of time-management resources, an amazing and encouraging community of women, and contains the Challenge Path, which is the BEST WAY to learn the "Evergreen way" of time-management. If you're serious about your time-management journey, you need to be in this group! Accept your invitation here.