3 Budget Friendly Options for Trying Out the Evergreen Planner System
September 13, 2023

3 Budget Friendly Options for Trying Out the Evergreen Planner System

Have you had your eye on our planner, but the price tag has you hesitating? If you operate on a budget (something we all do here at Evergreen!), then this is for you!

If you've been around for a while, you know that our Planner System is a financial investment. There are a few reasons why our products are priced the way they are:

  • Our leather covers are a handcrafted artisan product that will last for years. So though expensive at the start, you are investing in a tool that ages beautifully.
  • All of our booklets—the Classic and the Annual—are made in US with partners we can trust. This has been and remains a high priority to our team.

However, as women who operate on our own household budgets, we know that not every season affords the opportunity to invest in high-quality tools, such as our Full System. It has remained very important to us to give everyone a chance to try the planning system without breaking the bank!

Three ways you can dive into our system without breaking the bank:

1) We offer a free printable of our Classic planner booklet that you can begin using today! We've had women use this printable for months, either while they saved to purchase or if they weren't in a season where purchasing was possible. It's a great way to get a feel for the system at no cost to you!

2) You can subscribe to our classic booklet—the heart of system—for only $20 per month! You can subscribe easily by month, quarter, or purchase a whole years worth of booklets at one time (for an even lower per booklet cost!). It all depends on your needs!

3) You can join The Collective—this is our robust online community and curriculum and it is only $15/month, and you get your first month free! Inside the Collective, we have a robust curriculum in bite-sized, move-at-your own-pace modules that help you to learn the "Evergreen way" of approaching time-management. This can be used as a companion to the entire system, or in tandem with the free printable while you decide if Evergreen is a good fit for you (and we can almost guarantee it will be!).

Our hope at Evergreen Planner is to change the way women approach time-management in their day-to-day. The last thing we want if for you to feel like our planner system is out of reach! Which is why we've worked hard to give you options to try the planner system while also working within your God-given budget. 



"I’m in love with this system! I tried out the free printable and joined the first free month online Collective and learned so much about how to really organize ALL THE THINGS and make my days work EFFICIENTLY! I think the best thing about this is that at the end of the day I feel like I was in control - even when things went off track - I knew my top priorities and felt like I triumphed regardless. I can’t tell you how good winning feels, try the system and you’ll understand. I have time to actually enjoy a cup of coffee without feeling guilty because touching down midday in my planner is scheduled 💕 This system takes every ball you juggle and gives it it’s own space so you can really focus on the overall and the individual balls together so nothing gets dropped. Phenomenal. Mind blowing. Required system for anyone serious about effectively managing their time." - Kat