Introducing our new Community Manager: Abby Lease!
September 01, 2023

Introducing our new Community Manager: Abby Lease!

Abby Lease is a Founding Member of the Evergreen Collective and a Task-Crushing Visionary from Wisconsin. Currently a stay-at-home mom of 3 lovely children, and previously a history and Latin teacher at a Classical middle and high school, Abby desires to encourage her sisters in Christ as we seek to serve God and others faithfully in the way we spend our time.

One of our favorite contributions Abby has already made to the Collective is pointing out the etymology of "Vinca"—the flowering evergreen that is also the namesake of Abby's cohort. (Did I mention she's a Latin teacher? 😉)

Here's what Abby shared about the meaning of Vinca:

"Fun fact, as I’ll be part of the June [2023] Vinca cohort: 'vinca' comes from the word vincire 'to bind,' referring to the Vinca vine’s winding quality, but the word “vinca” is also the form of the imperative vincere 'to win, overcome.' The word is the same in Italian- so vinca can literally mean 'Win!' Some needed encouragement."

👀✨ Abby has some exciting ideas for the Collective, so stay tuned!! 😍 We can’t wait to participate in all the goodness she has coming.

Video Timestamps

0:02 - Announcing Abby Lease as the Collective's new community manager for this season of the community's growth!

1:13 - Abby shares a little about herself and her family.

3:59 - How Abby found the Evergreen Planner

6:36 - Abby's favorite part about being a teacher.

15:08 - Abby's favorite part of the challenge path, and why.

25:21 - Abby describes the perfect morning. ☕☀️

P.S. Remind us not to let Shelby sit in a swivel chair for future videos. 😂🎠

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