Planner Hack: The Amazing Paperclip
September 15, 2021

Planner Hack: The Amazing Paperclip

One of the biggest pain-points we personally had during the years that we were testing out #alltheplanners was simply this: it was too dang easy to get lost in your own notebook!

The most amazing brainstorming session would get lost in a moment as we moved on to fill out the next prompts and schedules, rarely to be seen again. This was annoying at best, and actually radically complicated our lives at worst when our week's agenda was inaccessible in the moments when we needed to make quick decisions during the course of our days. We solved this problem in a big way with our innovative dutch door layout.

As we became more skilled in the use of our own planner, we began using a simple tool - a paperclip - to aid us in our ability to navigate, mark and reference various key pages. This one hack put an end to getting lost in our own planner for good, making the navigation of the Evergreen Planner a real dream. Our planner system is minimalistic, yet dynamic. We love that you can effectively use a simple ballpoint pen to get your thoughts organized on paper, or that you can just as well bust out your entire collection of microns and washi tape for beautifully curated designs.

Our paperclip hack follows that same principle that makes our planner system gold—you can go simple or you can go elaborate—either way, the functionality remains.

Here are some ideas on how to leverage the paperclip to up-level your planning game:

Bookmark this Week: A paperclip can also be used to mark the current day on your vertical week's agenda (and hold old weeks closed).

Bookmark Today: Hold the extra day spreads closed so your Classic easily opens up to your current day!

Secure Keepsakes: You can paperclip keepsake papers or polaroid photos to the pages of our Classic or Annual & turn them into memory books.

Flag What’s Important: Ordinary paperclips can be customized using your favorite washi tape and they can be used to flag specific pages.

Maximize Cover Functionality: You can paperclip receipts or other bits of paper you need easily accessible onto the outside of your Cover's pockets!

Keep Them Close: Paperclips can easily be stored on the back cover of your Classic, ready to whip out whenever you need one!

The paperclip provides so many great advantages to the planning process. We are constantly grabbing paperclips to use in different ways, which is why we’ve curated a fun and varying collection to include in our subscription boxes.