Ask Us Anything #1 - Podcast Episode 16
June 08, 2022

Ask Us Anything #1 - Podcast Episode 16

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Have you wondered how we approach planning? Or what advice we give when we talk with friends about planning? Are you simply curious to know more about us?

For the final episode of this season of our podcast, we dive into questions we received from our community! They range from personal questions, to planner-related questions, to general productivity questions.

Join us for a laid back and fun conversation!

Questions we answer in this episode… 

1: Where do I start with the Evergreen Planner system if I’m overwhelmed? It’s such an extensive system and it’s hard to take time from all my urgent tasks to figure it out.

2: How are you all related?

3: When I sit down and plan, I get really excited about the possibilities, but then nothing ever goes according to plan. What should I do?

4: How do you plan when you have chronic illness?

5: How do you take your coffee?

6: How do each of you use your Annual booklets?

7: What was your process for creating the Evergreen Planner System?

8: How do you set goals and get work done with little kids?

9: You have an afternoon without kids, how do you spend it?

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