How to Stop Wasting Time by Taking a Second to THINK
April 07, 2021

How to Stop Wasting Time by Taking a Second to THINK

Last week, we wrote about the importance of having the proper perspective when it comes to valuing time. If you haven't had a chance, it's worth reading right now.

For many of us, time-wasting doesn't look like one would expect. We're not laying around on the couch all day every day, eating Cheetos and watching reruns. We're actually really busy—always going, doing, hustling, and racing from one thing to the other. That's how we feel, anyway, and the result all too often does look like Cheetos-and-reruns-on-the-couch for a lot longer than we think is healthy, because we feel too worn out to do anything else with our pockets of free time.

It's the typical song and dance of our busy culture.

But what if a large amount of our busy-ness itself is the drain on our time? What if we're needing to say "no" more often, so that our "yes"-es have the space to breathe and really flourish? How do we gauge the quality of our busy?

Each of us will have to answer this question individually, and each of our templates for evaluating will look a little differently. That's because we each have different giftings to edify the Body, and different areas of the garden that we're called to cultivate.

We need to take a second to ask these questions:
  • What are the most overwhelming areas of my life? If I were proactive in these areas (instead of operating in a default, reactionary state), how could I clear the excess and focus on what matters most?
  • What are my top priorities—the "non-negotiables" on my plate? Who and what must I show up for with commitment and thoughtfulness, even if it means other things have to go unmanaged
  • What work has God given me to do in His world? He's 'got the whole world in His hands, and He doesn't need meto have every last detail figured out. So what is the unique role He created me to fill—the space where I'd be the hardest to replace?

Your life is too precious to let it drain away in the exhausting hamster wheel of reactionary living. Use the flex space of your planner to get still and think deeply. There's a lot of joy to be found in your corner of the garden.