Recap of the ROOTED Podcast Season
February 22, 2023

Recap of the ROOTED Podcast Season

Tired of goal setting systems that pump you up, introduce massive tension between your goal and your daily responsibilities, and then leave you feeling like a failure?

We were too. So we created a system that is mercifully realistic, embraces everyday responsibilities as valid, and helps us become more deeply rooted in our broader life callings. We believe that the best goals are the ones that fuel a great way of life, and that a great way of life will fuel great goals. If you want more than a mountain top experience—if you're ready to actually translate your goals into action—then The ROOTED Goals workbook was created for you

But we didn't stop at creating the workbook! Below is a recap of the podcast season we recorded to do a deeper dive into each step of the ROOTED Goals system. Listen to the season as a standalone, or as a companion to the workbook—no matter how you approach it, the ROOTED podcast season is sure to renew your goal-setting drive!

Shelby & Clari recording the ROOTED podcast season

The ROOTED Podcast Season Overview

Setting a ROOTED Goal is all about creating a symbiotic relationship between your daily life and your goals. It’s about creating space for personal growth, and channeling your productivity in a way that cultivates peace. 

In the first introductory episode, we talk about the ROOTED Goal Setting System as a whole; how it came to be, how it’s different from typical goal-setting systems, and how the ROOTED mindset can set you free to tackle your biggest dreams, while not letting go of your day-to-day responsibilities!

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Rooted in Your Core Calling

Rooted in Your Core Calling means grasping the unique calling of God for your individual life is a life-long process! But leaning into your core calling is an essential part of creating goals that fully resonate over the long-haul, compel you to follow-through, and produce a lot of satisfying fruit along the way. 

In this episode, we talk through discovering how your core calling is playing out in your life today, and how that should impact how you set goals! We also talk a lot about how this part of the ROOTED Goal Setting System is not meant to weigh you down, but give you freedom to lean into your God-given strengths, passions and responsibilities!

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Organically Growing Out of Your Context

You need goals that take your real life context seriously and embrace it. You need goals that connect with where you are right now, and that respect that you’re here for a reason. Recognizing the season you’re in and identifying the contours of your priorities can empower you to identify the next right step—the one that can realistically begin to build the lasting change you want to see.

This is one of the most critical steps in setting a ROOTED goal, a step that most other goal-setting systems completely ignore. In this episode, we talk all about what this looks like in our lives and how embracing our context has empowered us to craft and execute meaningful goals year after year!

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Outlined for Clarity

Clarity is key when it comes to giving your brain an objective that it can actually process, prioritize, and tackle in the day-to-day.

When you break down a goal into tangible action-steps, you are equipped to move past your vague theories about what it will take to make your goal happen. You’re able to see the gaps in your knowledge about the process, which compels you to research until you have concrete and actionable understanding.

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Tailored to Your Lifestyle

If you want to craft compelling goals that are grounded in your unique calling, then you’ll have to give yourself permission to develop creative solutions that make sense for your particular circumstances. Sometimes this means tailoring your goal to match your lifestyle, and other times this means tailoring your lifestyle to match your goal.

In this episode, we chat about how taking time to tailor your goal and your lifestyle will prevent unnecessary tension between the two, and enable you to actually follow through even on the most challenging goals you set! 

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Etched Into Your Memory

For a goal to be sustained in the long-run, it has to stay top of mind. Enabling your brain to think about your goal often and easily will ensure you can make progress on your goal even in the most chaotic of seasons.

In this episode, we talk about the exact process we take to make sure our goals aren’t forgotten in the busyness of everyday life and responsibilities! We talk about how we use our planners to support our goals and to train our working memories to take action whenever possible, enabling us to make steady progress until a goal is accomplished. 

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Developed by Providence

The ROOTED Goal-Setting System reminds you that the Kingdom of God does not rise and fall by your efforts—but that you do have the responsibility to do your part, exercise your influence, and steward your resources.

Having a Christian growth-mindset allows you to set goals with an "amen" posture towards God's unknown plans for the future, knowing that when you give your goals back to God, you can trust Him to develop them in the best of ways.

In this episode, we talk about how this Christian growth-mindset has played out in our real lives and goals over the last quarter (including our goal of recording this podcast)! We chat about goals that have had to change, how we stay motivated in the messy middle of goal development, and how our planner enables us to pivot effectively into new or changing goals as we follow the Lord’s leading.

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