Recap of Podcast Season 1 Episodes
February 23, 2022

Recap of Podcast Season 1 Episodes

At the end of January, we spent several days together as a team batch recording episodes for the second season of our podcast, Make Space to Thrive. We're so, so excited about the content coming your way. It's encouraging and practical, and we believe it will help you continue to make intentional living an intuitive part of your life. Our first episode of season 2 will drop on March 2nd, 2022 and we can't wait!

Here is a quick recap of all our episodes from Season 1, which aired this past fall. The topics of these episodes are so foundational, and a great place to start!


The Four Rules of Planning (Part 1 & Part 2)

You want to start getting organized around the things that matter most to you. But where do you even begin? In our first two episodes, we offer an effective shortcut for diving into the world of time-management and productivity—without getting overwhelmed. These rules are not a once-and-done process, rather they are a cycle that you can move through again and again. These four rules will help you to constantly adapt, change and perfect your planning processes, while doing it in a way that is unique to your lifestyle, season and needs.

Click here for part 1 of the episode, and here for part 2!

ROOTED Goals: A Refreshing Approach

Setting ROOTED Goals is all about creating a symbiotic relationship between your daily life and your goals. It’s about creating space for personal growth, and channeling your productivity in a way that cultivates peace. In this episode, we do an in-depth walkthrough of the ROOTED goals system. With this system, you can start to craft a lifestyle that not only sustains but actually fuels the vision that God is growing in your heart.

Click here for Episode 3, A Refreshing Approach!

How We Plan Our Days 

When you sit down to plan a day, you’re sitting down to strategically invest your time in a way that honors the season you're in, the ones you've been given to love, and the work you're responsible for. And planning a lot of days, over several weeks and months, enables you to begin forming life-giving rhythms that work to breathe life into your family and help you make progress on your bigger goals. In this episode, you’ll get a peek into how we (as business owners running a growing company with nine kids under the age of six between us!) plan our days.

Click here for Episode 4, How We Plan Our Days!

The Story Behind “Make Space to Thrive”

What do we mean by “Make Space To Thrive”? Why did we make this the title of this podcast? In this episode, we share the story behind this phrase and discuss the life-changing concept of adding margin into your day. We talk about the simple and powerful ways margin shows up in our lives, and how to ensure you're keeping margin in mind when you’re planning your days. Because, friend, margin is a beautiful thing. It’s planned white-space for your day, your week, your home, your brain—space to breathe in #allthethings. Making space for margin is the practical secret-sauce for making space to thrive.

Click here for Episode 5, The Story Behind "Make Space to Thrive"!

How We Plan Our Weeks

Every Monday is a fresh start. You have an entire week before you, a clean slate, and it can seem like the possibilities for productivity are endless! But how do you balance all your responsibilities and to-dos? How do you create week rhythms that serve your long term goals, your weekly work needs, and your family? In this episode, you’ll get a peek into how we (as business owners running a growing company with nine kids under the age of six between us!) plan our weeks. We are all about flexible planning that is individual for each person. You’ll get to hear how we each approach week planning, and get ideas you can apply in your own unique way.

Click here for Episode 6, How We Plan Our Weeks!

Planning While Postpartum

Planning while postpartum? At first glance it sounds over-the-top, almost an oxymoron. Postpartum should be a season of rest. But it's incredibly hard to rest when you have a smattering of to-do's rattling around in your brain. It's hard to know what's essential and what can be left for another day (or dropped completely), when you're foggy from sleep deprivation. It's hard to track how well you're healing physically, mentally and emotionally, if you try to do it all in your head. In this episode, we about the simple, but extremely useful, form of day-to-day planning that helps us get out of our heads, sort our priorities, and let the non-essentials fall away so we can soak in those newborn days that pass so quickly.

Click here for Episode 7, Planning While Postpartum!

What Makes Our Planner Different

In this episode, we give you a tour of the Evergreen Planner System. There are so many planners out there—so why did we decide to create another one? What makes our planner different? We created this system because we couldn’t find a planner that felt intuitive—that brought all the different areas of our lives together. So we created a planner that is minimalistic, intuitive, and extremely versatile. Instead of asking you to change the way you organize your thoughts, this planner was made to change and flex with your evolving needs. If you're interested in a deep dive of all the aspects of the Evergreen Planner system, and the "why" behind each design choice we made, this is the episode for you!

Click here for Episode 8, What Makes Our Planner Different!


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